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We are experts in mobile and web application development. We are dedicated to assembling work teams specially designed for the challenges you need to solve. Our main objective is to have happy and relaxed clients.

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Mobile and Web Development

Mobile and Web Development

  • Mobile app development

  • Web development

  • User-Oriented Design

  • UX/UI designers

  • Low/High fidelity prototyping

Scale Your Team

Scale Your Team

  • Nearshoring experience

  • Staff Augmentation

  • React & React Native Devs

  • Ruby & ROR Devs

  • Flutter Devs

We LOVE what we do!

Our main goal is to be able to give you peace of mind in the face of the challenge that you present us, solve your problems, and in the best possible time.


Count.It is one of the greatest platforms in terms of physical exercise in work contexts. Based in New York, with more than 105k+ registered users and a business model based on engagement for physical activity, Count.It connects with wearable tracking devices and apps to power community fitness challenges.


Brisik is an esports (video game sports) platform, which allows players to challenge and bet with other online users, where the winner gets the prize from the pot. It has two betting modalities: 1 to 1 or through multiplayer tournaments.

The user can use the virtual coins earned as a reward to redeemable for items in the store Brisik.


The only app for express delivery in 3 hours from door to door. Solve your deliveries in a safe, simple, fast, and flexible way without leaving your place. Download the app, register, create your shipment, pay online, and deliver your package to the identified UES driver. Track your shipment on the screen in real-time. We will notify you when the package has been delivered!

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We really like what we do and that is the main work engine we have. Our best weapon is our team, that is why we know what to do to build teams for our clients.

We not only target talent but also human quality. We want our team to always be an ideal mix of professionalism, pure creativity, and excellent people.

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