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The New Era of Logistics and Technology

This post-pandemic work demands new solutions to situations that now are as clear as ever. One of them is the logistics of the post-purchase and the whole logistics process.

Nearshoring and why Uruguay is an excellent option for dev centers

Hi, we are Dixtra and we have a beautiful story for you.

Tech Consulting within the Logistics Industry

Consulting for the tech industry demands more than operational abilities. In this article we go over what it means to be a tech consultant and how we do it at Dixtra.

Helping Small Businesses with Logistics

How can us, as a development agency, help business from different parts of the world to improve their logistics? In this article Mauricio goes over four different areas and how we're facing those situations.

Customer Retention in Logistics

An industry that changes with such speed needs to always keep moving forward. Here are key factors companies need to be aware of when working in the logistics industry.

We'll be landing soon

Dixtra's trip to USA in November 2021. Let's meet! We're scouting for a new Sales Rep. and want to talk with forward-thinking startups.

DIXTRA is Proud to be a 5-Star Development Partner

We know it can be challenging for a new company to balance high-impact development with its day-to-day needs. That’s why we’re here to help you out! As experts in frontend and mobile development, we use our UX/UI knowledge to help our clients create game-changing products.

Payment Integrations to Mercado Pago

Get familiar with the different payment processes Mercado Pago offers for an e-commerce specialization focusing on Latin America.

Top Logistics Trends in 2022

Want to know what to expect for logistics in 2022? This article will look at what’s trending for the coming year.

Recap 2021

Another year goes by and at Dixtra we want to celebrate all the challenges and learnings. The logistics industry awaits, new and exciting projects to come.

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