Recap 2021

It’s that time of the year when we stop for a minute, look back and appreciate the road we’ve walked through.

Undoubtedly, 2021 was a challenge for the world, and Dixtra was not left behind in that equation. At this point, we feel like another talk about the pandemic is redundant. We all know what we’ve been through for the past two years –almost three!– so this recap post focuses on the good stuff.

As a young business, we often wonder if the choices in front of us are the right ones to take. So this year, we decided to shift perspective and stay focused on the actual value Dixtra has to offer its clients.

Logistics Industry: Dixtra’s grow playground

We’ve been getting clients and inquiries about last-mile delivery, e-commerce solutions, and all-around the logistics industry for years now. And also, for years now, we’ve been postponing what was obvious: that was our focus.

We have the knowledge, the experience, and the expertise to take on these significant assignments. 2021 was the year we decided this was our market niche. And we’re hitting it hard: new projects, state-of-the-art technology, and a consulting team working towards the benefits of our clients.

Exciting Challenges

New projects came to us this year. Although all of them are worth mentioning and so interesting to work on, here are the top three the Dixtra team chose as the favorite of 2021


Areia is a club in Buenos Aires. When looking for options to improve their customer service, they realized that an app that helps control the crowd would work best, as the people wouldn’t get stuck at the bar, parking lot, etc.

We work on that solution. With the integration of QR codes, unique invitations, and user profiles. The app was created in a record time of 4 weeks, and we worked with React Native, Node.js, Mongo.db, and Firebase.


A SAAS for event management. From the event promotion to the ticket selling, everything that happens in an event goes through Festivap.

They came to us with legacy code and without a clear spectrum of where the app was. So our solution to them was to provide a knowledgeable team that could run tests and evaluate the assessment.

We offer 24/7 support to Festivap now that they have gained clients and are running events in Argentina and Uruguay.


GestionPost is a delivery system created for small shop owners. While consulting for this client, we kept in mind that same-day delivery was a huge purchase decision: studies confirm that 45% of consumers choose to go to the physical store to make their purchases if delivery is done the next day.

Ease-of-use was a top priority for this product as many consumers would be those with little to no experience with technology. Therefore, the UX and UI had to be as intuitive as possible.

GestionPost has helped small businesses grow thanks to the easiness of use and the speed of actions the business owner can perform once a new purchase is made. The techs we used were Reach Native, Mercado Pago, NodeJS, AdminBro

Dixtra_instagram1-2_dic (1).jpg

Our products to the world

As product developers, we have several of them currently in the market. One of our team development activities is to think and develop Open Source apps: we’re developers at heart, and coding it’s our very essence.

But now we’d like to talk about another project: this year we released a product to the market called Tu Shopper.


Our research found that supermarkets are prepared to sell, not bag orders. While qualifying online purchases, management was prompt to lose the big picture quickly.

TuShopper solves this problem.

An app where the shop picker becomes a personal shopper for the app user. With this new role, usual problems became things of the past:

  • Users are notified by chat if a product is out of stock.
  • Small shop owners can adjust employees’ schedules, avoiding delays and misunderstandings.
  • The client is getting personalized attention when shopping, which is an indicator that helps with brand loyalty.
  • The platform is now being commercialized in Paraguay, Uruguay, and Mexico.

New York & Networking

Once the pandemic started to back out, we took a flight to New York.

Dixtra has an office in Miami and many dear friends and work contacts in the Florida State –and yes, we went by and spent quality time with them–, so this time, we wanted to expand to a different place: and we flew to the city that never sleeps.

Between NBA games and working in coffee places, we got to meet amazing new people, worked with our clients in their head offices, and brought back so many new ideas on how to improve our game!

See you all in 2022

Looking back at 2021, we faced each challenge with eagerness for the experience, and we came out at the other end glad for the road traveled.

2022, we are ready for you! As tech consultants in the logistics industry, we’re proving to be leaders in the sector, and the many more projects to develop sound as exciting as ever.