How Dixtra Developed and Launched Their First in Store App

Every company has that moment in which they remember hitting a particular milestone. These are the moments that stack up to later be told around the table of finger foods during the 50th year company picnic.

For Dixtra, it was the first time they developed and launched an app for a client. I took the time to chat with Mauricio, the director at Dixtra, about the process for him and his team.

Creating the App

There are many stages and scenarios to consider when designing an app. Everything from your target market to what platform you are launching on will need to be decided upon.

The developers at Dixtra understood that there are different specifications when it comes to iOS vs. Android. I wanted to get a closer look at what that was like for Maruricio's team and their client.

"We designed an app for a company called Caddiemaster. In this case the process was different for us because this was the first client that wanted to forgo using the Enterprise App Stores because they wanted exclusive people to have access to download the app."

Mauricio and his team knew it would prove challenging to promote an app without utilizing Google Play or Apple App Store. However, Dixtra was able to find a solution that would satisfy the client's request, while still launching on the world's largest platforms.

"That's when we discovered that the stores have a way of delivering applications that are available only for specific users. In fact, we were able to share the download link only to the audience we wanted."

Once the team at Dixtra came to a solution to deliver the Caddiemaster app, I was curious to know how the development process differs from building an app for Google Play vs. Apple Store.

Dixtra_Apps to the market_02.jpg

Launching to Specifications

Understanding how to approach each store required the team to research their target market. Studying the client's buyer persona helped Dixtra better align their client's strategies in development and marketing.

In the US, iOS is more used. Therefore, apps are typically launched there first, from their Android. In our case, we needed to launch on iOS first."

Challenges During Development

Application development doesn't come without its challenges. Whether in design or coding, the challenges that come with building an app can provide a point of learning for all those involved in the process. Mauricio reflected on what those challenges were for his team.

"The delivery time and sale of the application were the bigger challenges for us. Our client wanted to complete the project in 3 months, which is quite a tight deadline. However, the application was to be sold to a larger company after the development.

With a team of eight people in development, three working Frontend and QA at Dixtra, and a team working Backend in the US in addition to the tech lead who was in communication with the client, we were able to meet the deadlines. In the end, our client was highly satisfied and was able to sell the app as planned."

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Understanding Team Strengths

Of course, to take on such a project, it's essential to know your developer's strengths and how they can be used to build a successful application. So I asked Mauricio about his team's strengths and how they utilized them to deliver on time.

"Teamwork is fundamental. We put a lot of emphasis on that since our collaborators are the main engine. The camaraderie and good vibes in the group were priceless.

As experts in the technology, we were using, the development was very easy for us. We also worked with a remote team that was in charge of the Backend in the United States, and we had to coordinate with them for the integrations that were coming out."

Key Takeaways

I went on to ask Mauricio what it was like on launch day and what they would do differently looking back?

"There were mixed feelings that day. On the one hand, the stress of delivering on time, testing the application, and fixing bugs that arose as quickly as possible, and on the other, the satisfaction of having delivered it on time.

If we could change anything, it would be to partner with the client and sell it together. Lol! The app we created was able to sell a good figure, and it would have been great to see the project to the very end. This project, in particular, was one our team was proud to be a part of."

Advice for Companies Looking to Do the Same?

"My advice is to generate a brand strategy and to prioritize mobile, as most of your customers will likely be using a cell phone to access the application.

Once your application is installed, you have to provide the best service and add value to the end-user so they don't leave the application.

It's a process that takes time and investment, but once you have the clients who have installed it and are using it, it's an enormous satisfaction for the client as well as for the developer."

The Future for Dixtra and App Development

Today Dixtra is developing solutions for the retail, eCommerce, and logistics industries. The implementation of online shopping and at-home delivery services has advanced dramatically in the last five years and is expected to grow even more.

The development team at Dixrta is taking advantage of this growth by helping companies in these sectors develop technology that greatly improves the overall functionality and experience for the end-users and the companies themselves. So if you're looking to build a tech solution for your company, Mauricio and the team at Dixtra are waiting for you!