How We Implement MercadoFlex for GestionPost

At Dixtra, we understand how important it’s to use technology to develop efficient systems for ourselves and our clients. In today's post, we will be looking into how we used MercadoFlex to build an app for our clients at GestionPost.

How does the use of MercadoFlex help to promote GestionPost, you may ask? Well, that's a great question. So let's address this by first discussing what GestionPost does.

GestionPost is a delivery company that aids small businesses, and companies manage their e-Commerce services rather through same-day or flex shipping.

We created a solution for them that quickly and easily manages orders within a mobile application, such as assigning riders, locating client orders rapidly, and providing status updates for packages in GestionPost's trusted hands.

How We Built It

In simple terms, we constructed the app using a free market application. This allowed our client to receive notifications for the flex orders loaded that day from the marketplace. Receiving notifications when orders are taken is an essential part of delivery keeping on schedule.

In turn, we used other functions within the app, such as obtaining the PDFs generated by MELI that help identify specific types of shipments. By knowing the shipment type, we can better understand what is going in and out to ship for that day. It also aids in inventory count.

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Other Integrations

By developing the GestionPost app, we added additional integrations that provide the company with more organization, tracking, and efficiency. These are the qualities that can make or break the logistics chain.

Everyone from e-Commerce business owners to the delivery company hired to ship products and everywhere in between counts on accuracy and time well managed to be successful. So to provide top-notch services to their customers, we built an app that considered these things.

Quicker Authenticating

For users to have access to the site, the program must be able to identify the information of the users. AuthO is used to integrate that authentication. What was great for us was that the plan is free for up to seven thousand users.

Auth0 was only used for authentication purposes; then, we completed the user data from the application information. After that, additional information was gathered from different sources such as registration data, for example.

Google API

Google API is a cloud service used by developers to program apps using various computing languages. In our case, we used this for geolocation and listing options for customers based on their shipping address.

By showing listing options closer to the customer's location, they have the option to receive an item the same day through MercadoFlex delivery. This makes online shopping more convenient for buyers and drives higher customer satisfaction.

Building Backoffice

Backoffice activities are the behind-the-scenes operations of any business. We automated a portion of these activities through technology by using the Adminbro.

Adminbro is hosted on AWS and manages a range of eCommerce features that can be customized for the needs of the application build.

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Why MercadoFlex for this Particular App?

For GestionPost, it made sense that we built something that aligned the company with its target market and industry presence. Not only that, but we wanted to provide something of value for GestionPost, and because MercadoFlex is where they receive most of their clientele, this choice was a no-brainer.

Competitive Advantage Within the Market

When we build technology for our clients, we want to deliver something that allows our clients to be competitive within the market, or else what's the point, right?

MercadoFlex has a customized service available to all the businesses registered in MercadoLibre. They can, for example, choose the delivery company, payment methods, and plans. MercadoLibre also covers 40% of the delivery cost, among other benefits.

It's vital to build a solution that will address the customer's needs. Last-mile delivery and improved tracking, among other things, are offerings that customers and businesses alike are demanding. Having these options makes customers more likely to become loyal to your brand.

Breaking Through the Last-Mile Delivery Market

Through MercadoFlex, GestionPost has been able to establish itself among other competitors by providing last-mile delivery. Through Flex, our client has offered rapid delivery, tracking, a range of payment options, and exceptional customer services to their customers.

Are You Ready to Innovate?

At Dixtra, we aim to build tech solutions for businesses within the logistics industry that focus on creating value and efficiency in everyday operations. For example, with GestionPost, we built an application that places them as a contender within the market and achieves continued success. So if you are looking to innovate your operations through technology, contact the team at Dixtra, and let's start the journey together!