Consulting for Small Businesses: How We Increase Sales Using Technology

A while back, we wrote an article that took a look into the Expectation Gap survey, which was conducted to measure what was driving the logistics industry during the pandemic and where trends were moving going forward.

This survey concluded that the industry was now a customer-driven market and that if companies wanted not just to survive the times but thrive in them, they would need to make the adjustments rather quickly.

This report was interesting for us at Dixtra because it highlighted things that we already understood and experienced to be true. Technology was at the helm of success during rapid growth and demand in the logistics industry.

It only made sense to pivot our technology solutions to aid logistics and eCommerce businesses to solve the numerous problems many others were experiencing. We have found our success and value through these solutions, which have increased efficiency, customer satisfaction, and of course, in sales.

Factors that Affect Sales

Many moving parts and factors within operations lead to increased sales. Unfortunately, no magic solution can fix all of these things simultaneously. And no one solution will work for all situations.

To understand how you can increase your sales, you must look at where you are experiencing difficulties or improvements can be made.

At Dixtra, we take the time to understand your target market and buyer persona; why? Because knowing who is also essential. You won't get very far if you are not selecting the right audience for your services. And that's time and money nobody wants to waste.

Therefore knowing where to make improvements and whom you are targeting provides us the base information we need to find a technology solution that works for you. Let's look at some of the solutions we have created that helped our clients improve their overall sales.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our previous article explored the different ways you could retain customers within the industry. The main point we discussed was that improvement in customer satisfaction was one of the most significant driving factors.

Customer satisfaction was a large factor in improved sales. If you can keep your customers happy and satisfied, you have a better chance to improve sales and overall brand loyalty.

This was the main focus of the TuShopper app. We created a personal shopping experience with this app by pairing the customer with the person assigned to place their order. In this way, the customer remained in communication with the assistant providing personalized attention and value.

In this way, the TuSHopper app leads our clients to achieve higher sales, growth and maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction. As a result, the app continues to aid in our clients' success within the eCommerce sector, furthering their competitive advantage.


Through technology, we have learned how to automate processes that were once manual. As a result, it has become standard in industries across the globe and is utilized to solve problems big and small.

Automation aids in making operations run smoother, faster, and more efficient. Efficiency is a factor in whether or not you can meet the demands of your customers, which in turn will affect your sales.

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Tracking and Delivery

When customers know that they can receive and track their packages with ease, it provides a sense of trust with the brands they choose to shop with.

If a company can provide quick delivery times, it gives them a competitive advantage. If the past two years have taught us anything, customers want their items as soon as they can get them.

And as more companies began to innovate to meet demand, technology has become the vehicle in which these needs can be met.

Through our delivery system app with GestionPost, we improved sales by providing same-day delivery. However, there was no need to reinvent the wheel, so we interrogated the use of MercadoFlex to provide added value to our client and their customers.

Increase Your Sales Through Technology

There are many ins and outs to running an efficient logistics or eCommerce business. Technology allows for this industry to provide services for incense in demand. Many companies that have integrated technology solutions into their business model have seen growth within performance and sales.

At Dixtra, we aim to continue solving your logistics pain points with innovative tech solutions customized to your company's needs. If you're ready to improve your sales by employing technology, we are waiting to hear from you!