Why You Should Face Last-Mile Delivery as a Customer Service Feature

Last-mile delivery has been a service that logistics companies are catching on to and implementing into their workflows and systems more recently! It's one of the more critical services that a company can offer to its customers in this time of high demand.

As more eCommerce businesses begin to take their places in the industry, the demand for last-mile delivery services is growing among consumers. To stay competitive, many companies are building their last-mile strategies to provide faster, more reliable, customer-centric services.

Over the past year, we've reviewed how the changing environment within the logistics industry has significantly affected how businesses manage their operations.

We've found that you're more likely to keep your customers returning if you create an efficient, fast, accurate service. The customer is an essential part of the success and growth of any business. Therefore, when you make a last-mile service experience for your customers, you want to keep them top of mind.

Demand for Last-Mile Services Continues to Climb

Understanding customer behavior and industry need are essential to pinpoint which services your company should consider offering. If there's anything we've learned from our past, it's that customers want their stuff, and they want it now! Or as soon as humanly possible.

And thanks to innovations in technology, the logistics industry can answer that demand. In fact, the Expectation Gap Report surveyed customers' online shopping behavior and found that consumers are 40% more likely to shop with a brand if they offer same-day or next-day delivery.

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A Means to Greater Customer Satisfaction

If your eCommerce business can offer quick delivery times, you already have your foot in the door. However, one key thing to note is that rapid delivery is only part of what keeps a customer returning.

Customers are also demanding a more personalized online shopping experience where they receive updates on the status of their purchase from the moment they select the buy button. In addition, they want to have the ability to communicate with sellers and customer service representatives if they have questions or changes to make to their order.

It's all about the experience for the customer, as 58% of consumers would not make a repeat purchase if they felt their experience was poor. That's not a number to be ignored!

Creating a last-mile delivery service where the customer feels valued, considered, and heard goes a long way in overall sales and brand loyalty.

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A Way to Keep Customers Coming Back

Enough can not be said about customer retention. Business owners understand that it's easier to retain a customer than find a new one. That holds true, especially in the logistics industry, where you compete with online businesses big and small from around the world.

So many issues the logistics industry faces deal with the customer. For example, delays in shipping, lack of inventory, lack of communication, difficult-to-use platforms, and mistakes in fulfillment are all factors that directly affect the customer.

Last-mile delivery services can address these issues and improve them for a better customer experience and a more streamlined system for your business operations.

Scalability of Future Product Offerings and Services

Technology is our friend here! Without it, last-mile delivery may be slower and more time-consuming for businesses and their partners. Using technology to automate processes that need improvement or make systems more efficient is nothing but beneficial to everyone involved in the last-mile delivery process.

With a scalable solution, you can add new features that your customers enjoy and value. However, last-mile delivery technology must be built and designed to function within your business framework. When we create solutions, we look at what's best for your business based on your goals and needs.

With a technology solution, you can update and upgrade your last-mile delivery system using integrations as your business grows. These integrations can include inventory management, tracking, communications, and fulfillment management.

Ready to Reinvent Your Last-Mile Service?

The logistics industry works around the clock to bring products and goods to consumers worldwide. This means that the customers must be considered at every stage of the supply chain. Even more so at the last mile of delivery.