Making The Life Of a Business Owner Easier with Tech

Thanks to rapid change, growth, and forward-thinking, the evolution of technology has allowed entrepreneurs of both big businesses and small to run their operations in a more efficient, convenient, and less stressful way.

There is no doubt that with all the ends and outs there are to running even the smallest of eCommerce shops, there is plenty to consider and keep up with.

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Everything from which products and services you offer to payment options, delivery, marketing, sales, and budgets can be streamlined through technology. Technology is a vast tool that business owners have in their back pocket to their advantage regarding growth strategies, success, and day-to-day activities.

Communication Streamlined

When it comes to being a business owner, you will find that communicating with your customers is a large part of daily operations and increased business, especially within the logistics industry, where communication is at the helm of successful fulfillment, transport, and delivery.

Technology has become essential in improving communications between businesses, customers, and partners. Being connected allows for changes and information to flow freely and quickly from order placement last-mile delivery.

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We create solutions that simplify business management aspects simpler and are more effective. We integrate communication applications that your business may already use, such as WhatsApp, to cut down on the addition of unnecessary communications solutions.

Efficiency is important for us when it comes to building or pairing your current tools with integrations for your business needs. It also makes the scalability of your digital logistics ecosystem more effective.

You can communicate with fleet contributors and contractors at speed with these communication integrations. Keep up to date on delivery times and prepare and arrange for changes in the route or directly communicate for pick-up points.

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Management of Fleet Operations

Some questions logistics teams find themselves asking all the time is, where is my delivery? What’s the ETA? How long is the delay? As it goes in supply chain management, time is of high value, and being able to make changes or shift gears can provide more flexibility for your customers.

The technology solution we have created allows for transfer requests, tariff assignments, parcel features, and correspondence by computer or phone. This can give your customers and partners a piece of mind that they have multiple ways to make changes in the moment.

Requests can be assigned to the fleet through our app integration. With Machine Learning, we can facilitate better interactions between the fleet and the customer.

Flexibility dives growth within your business because customers often prefer options, especially in a situation where goods are being transported, and there is potential for change in schedule due to any number of possibilities.

Payment Integrations that Make Sales Simpler

MercadoPago is another excellent example of how technology has been massively beneficial for small and local businesses. MercadoPago is a payment service that serves eCommerce businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

This service aids with payment solutions that can be difficult to navigate for businesses of all sizes. Their offerings cover everything from PoS, digital wallets, merchant service, credit, etc.

Integrating MercadoPago can provide business owners with relief when dealing with payment options through their technology payment system. Providing different options for payment is always beneficial to the growth of any business as it is the main factor in final sales, customer satisfaction, and retention.

Consider Utilizing Technology for Your Business

These are just a few areas in which technology can make business ownership and operations simpler and more approachable for even the smallest businesses.

Through technological integrations such as automation, which can be taken across various levels of your business model, provide cost savings and efficiency, overall making many aspects of running a business less taxing.

Creating a custom technology solution that is suitable for your business needs adds a great amount of value to your growth as it can ease many pinpoints, allowing for more ease in business ownership.

If you want to explore how we at Dixtra have created technology solutions for our customers, check out our blog! And if you are a business owner looking to take advantage of technology for the growth and success of your business, we’d love to hear from you!