Nearshoring and why Uruguay is an excellent option for dev centers

Hi, we are Dixtra, and we have a beautiful story for you.

We are ushering in a new era in the tech world of work. A world where remoteness is no longer an exception, becoming more commonplace. In this world we are talking about, there's something we are sure of, Uruguay must be the protagonist.

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I could start by talking about Uruguay's benefits mentioning how beautiful this country is and all the virtues there are. From barbecue and football to beautiful landscapes. But here we are for something else, TECHNOLOGY.

Impressive IT Talents

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One of the most common gaps in the IT industry today is finding talented and highly qualified professionals. In this context, according to EF (Education First) english skills ranking, Uruguay has one of the highest levels of English in Latin America. Also, there are education programs, such as Plan Ceibal, which consists of giving one laptop per student for at least three years. Due to free access to education, the amazing programs available for students, and the quality in IT universities recognized around the world, Uruguay is developing top experts and professionals in Technology.

Communication and Infrastructure

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According to the ICT Development Index, which measures different indicators as internet penetration and mobile access, this small country provides the internet's fastest download speeds in the region. Currently, Uruguay leads the D9 - the world's leading digital government collaborative integration.

Entrepreneurial Community

Uruguay has a big community of entrepreneurs, institutions, and programs creating stimulus for sustainable and innovative projects and startups. Noticing this, during 2017, the accelerator 500 Startups put an eye on Montevideo as part of the Montevideo Accelerator Program, a six-week intensive program for 20 selected startups supported by different public institutes such as ANII, ANDE, LATU, and Uruguay XXI. The experience was a success focusing on empowering their companies by mentor hours and open sessions. It is becoming the breeding ground for top-quality companies with recognitions all around the world.

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In addition to these characteristics, we have many large and small-scale technology organizations that want to show the world how good we are and how excited we are. And in an age where Nearshoring is beginning to have more power than offshoring, it is not something lighter. Because even though we are a small country, our spirit is enormous.